This is it. This is the jacket you've been waiting for…but you better hurry! BauBax, a product design firm, has launched an epic jacket with features that will reduce your carry-on bag immensely. From an inflatable neck pillow to a hidden pen/stylus, gone are the days of lugging around neck support and awkwardly asking the person next to you for a pen to fill out your customs form.

The jacket is part of a Kickstarter campaign and has quickly grown to be the highest funded clothing item from a crowdfunding project, raising $7,679,358 and counting, blowing its initial pledge of $20,000 out of the water. Right now the jacket has 38,580 backers (at the time of publication) and there are less than 48 hours left to pre-order yours. The campaign will be funded on September 3 at 1:00pm EDT. ... read more»

These days, traveling is almost impossible without a mobile Internet connection. Between Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and other booking and review-based apps and websites, you need your phone to get the most from your trip.

And with international data packages so expensive, you might think a cheap or free Wi-Fi connection is your best bet. But maybe not. Mobile threat defense company Skycure says you should disconnect when traveling in certain high-risk destinations. Here's why.

Skycure studied the world's top tourist destinations (based on data from Travel + Leisure) from June 2014 to June 2015 to determine the places most frequently targeted by malicious networks. Times Square in New York City topped the list with the highest threats, followed by Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and Disneyland Paris. The full list of tourist attractions with the highest risks is below.

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Las Vegas Welcome Sign Neon (Photo: iStockphoto/Brandon Collup)

As much as we hate to say it, summer is starting to wind down. If you're planning on any fall travel and don't know where to go, take a look at our overview of iQuanti's report on the hottest travel destinations for fall. The analytical firm analyzed two years of seasonal data about hotel reservations, flight bookings, travel deals, and vacation plans to come up with fall's most popular attractions.

After a summer spent outdoors, travelers are looking to combine the indoor-outdoor diversions of Sin City for their fall trips, as Las Vegas takes the number one slot.

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What is it: 2-In-1 Portable Potty & Trainer Seat

Price and Where to Buy: $25 on 

Pros: 95 percent of the population is not going to see the phrase "a potty that fits in your diaper bag" as a pro, but for the five percent of people with recent and current potty-training kids, the possibility of always being ready to respond to the, ahem, needs of your young kid is a huge, liberating pro. Better still, it converts from a stand-alone potty to a toilet seat adapter. And that's key for turning any scary toilet into a kid-friendly potty. ... read more»

Banksy stirs up mixed emotions with his latest exhibit, Dismaland. ... read more»

Train in a Paris Station (Photo: iStockphoto/Perry Kroll)

In the wake of last week's foiled attack on a train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris, European and leading world officials are left wondering what exactly can be done about security in train stations.

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Seeing the aurora borealis, or the northern lights, here on Earth is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Seeing it from space is even more epic.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly posted a video from the International Space Station as he flew over an aurora borealis traveling at about 17,000 miles per hour. These spectacular lights may be the aftermath of a solar storm from earlier this month.

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We visit properties all over the world, but we have to admit that most of our favorites fall into the "beach hotel" category. After all, few experiences can compete with a "toes in the sand" one...couple that with a "drink in hand," and you've basically found paradise. During our travels, we have stayed in hundreds upon hundreds of ocean-view rooms, but today we're sharing the truly show-stopping vistas from rooms and suites at hotels with some of the best oceanfront locations around.

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The D23 Expo, billed as "the ultimate Disney fan event," is a three-day convention sprawling over a million square feet in the Anaheim Convention Center. It happens every other August, and last weekend, I attended its fourth iteration, along with more than 60,000 people hailing from all 50 states, and from 28 countries.

As I braved the happy hordes of Disnerds, Lucas devotees, Marvel fans, and cosplayers, my mission was to scout and report all things travel-related. Here's what's new and coming soon from the company that's been cranking out hits since 1923.

Star Wars!

Disney is making the most out of Bob Iger's acquisitions tear, and the biggest news revealed at D23, which Iger himself announced to an audience of 7,500, is that two U.S. Disney parks—California's Disneyland and Florida's Hollywood Studios—are each getting a 14-acre Star Wars-themed land.

Though the news was met with some handwringing from purists who don't agree that the galactic franchise belongs in the Disney portfolio, the response was overwhelmingly exuberant, including a torrent of social-media yayying. ... read more»