Nobody likes to be judged on their appearance alone, but when your look screams "tourist" it's pretty easy for the locals to make assumptions and treat you differently. If you want to be branded as an outsider, go ahead and make these mistakes. 

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The refugee crisis in Europe and beyond has demanded the attention of world travelers for many months now, and the European Union may be about to enact an emergency policy that could directly affect anyone traversing Europe in the next six months. There's been buzz about restricting passport-free travel in Europe since a wave of terror attacks raised security concerns late last year, but this is the first time there's been news of a possible restriction.

Passports could soon be required to travel between some of the 26 countries in the Schengen Area as an emergency measure to address the staggering number of migrants fleeing to Europe, the Associated Press reports. (The Schengen agreement dissolved internal European borders in 1995, allowing uninterrupted travel across much of the region. )

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What is it: Teva Northwater Sandals

Price and Where to Buy: $35-$80 on Amazon; $80 on

Pros: This shoe is a nearly perfect companion for travel to places where it's hot but you're spending a lot of time navigating uneven surfaces. The front of the hybrid sandal protects the toes and the back cradles the heel. The sole has excellent traction and is sturdy enough to take on dirt roads and uneven pavement. And it's got style.

Cons: The strap has a snap; this is a pro in that it keeps the sandal securely in place, but a con because it can't be adjusted, so if it's too tight or too loose for your shape of foot, it may be uncomfortable. And because it's a fairly minimalist insole, there's not much in the way of arch support. ... read more»

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There's been a lot of talk lately about discount airlines providing low-fare flights to European cities. London, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen are now an inexpensive Wow Air or Norweigan Air flight away from the U.S.—that is, if you're willing to forego an in-flight meal and deal with a layover. But many business travelers and membership-savvy flyers aren't looking for a cheap, lengthy flight sans free food.

Enter Scandinavian Airlines. Because air travel involving even a brief layover is a unique beast, the membership-centric airline (also called SAS) is launching daily direct flights between Boston and Copenhagen on March 29. Copenhagen to Miami direct flights will begin in September. Scandinavians have, until now, only been able to fly direct to the east coast through New York and Washington, but it seems they can now broaden their horizons to New England and Florida.

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<p>A Kenyan safari should appeal to any earth-conscious traveler. With more than 50 parks to choose from, it's easy to see elephants, wildebeest, lions, and other wildlife close up. <a href=""target="_blank">Friendly Planet</a> offers a nine-night trip, including airfare, many meals, in-country transportation, and sightseeing excursions from $2,799.</p> 

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