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What travel perks come with club memberships?


Everyone knows AAA provides roadside assistance, but that’s just scratching the surface of what your membership includes. Here’s a quick look at what travel benefits are available to you with AAA, as well as a few other popular associations.


Use your AAA card to get discounted hotel room rates (Best Western and Choice Hotels have plentiful discounts in this area), cruises, and car rentals; point-to-point driving directions and roadside maps; travel-planning assistance and recommendations; pet tips; and more. You can also get deals for national park tours, as well as savings at partner retailers around the country.

Diners Club

A Diners Club credit card has a smorgasbord of travel benefits, including points-earning and redemption for frequent flyer miles or merchandise, access to exclusive airport lounges, supplemental travel accident insurance, and roadside assistance. The company also provides emergency services including passport replacement, doctor and pharmacy referrals, and medical transportation assistance.

Military, academic, senior citizens

Certain demographics and professions get special treatment, such as active military members, veterans, teachers, students, and senior citizens. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, car rental companies, and other providers may offer a discount to these and other groups. In the past, I’ve seen 10 percent off deals at B&Bs for military members, 5 percent off Canadian car rentals for senior citizens, and the like. Check the travel company’s website for specific discount details, or call your preferred provider and inquire if such deals are currently available.

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