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Warnings and Dangers in New York City Pickpockets


Pickpockets Tips

Known for its skyscrapers, Broadway plays, financial centers and cultural activities, New York City has a great deal to offer. However, one significant danger is that the city is populated with pickpockets.

Avoid Keeping Your Wallet in a Back Pocket

While walking in New York City, it is safer to keep your wallet in your front pocket. Pickpockets walking behind you regard your back pocket as a personal invitation to thievery.

Spread Out Your Cash and Credit Cards in Different Locations

Avoid storing your cash and credit cards in one place. Instead of placing these items in your wallet, put some of the cash in your purse and a few credit cards in your luggage. If someone does manage to pick your pockets, the thief will not gain access to all your valuables.

Beggars and Street Vendors want to Take Advantage of You

If you are in Grand Central Station or Port Authority, someone may approach you and ask for cash. The person will explain that money is needed to buy a ticket. Even though some people may really need to buy tickets so that they can go home, others are trying to scam you. A person will you and others for money and then leave the station once he or she has enough cash.

Note that the scammer does not need to look poor. Some of these people are dressed in business attire. Additionally, watch out for street vendors who sell fake brand name items. If you do not care whether the item is fake, go ahead and pay the asking price provided that it is a fair deal.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about pickpockets in New York City.

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