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Ultimate Guide to Airline Contracts of Carriage


Do you know how the airlines define a “schedule change” or how much they charge you to bring along your pet? How about your options if you’re denied boarding or the official rules about buckling your seat belt? We’ve scoured 13 airlines’ contracts of carriage, translated the legal jargon into understandable language, and compiled the results into the handy (and thorough) Ultimate Guide to Airline Contracts of Carriage.

We focused on the differences that might be critical to your choice of airline for your next flight; therefore, rules that are general to all airlines are not included. Keep in mind that these contracts apply strictly to domestic services, so if you’re flying outside of the U.S., you’re most likely entering into an entirely separate contract with a separate set of rules.

As always, we’ll continue to update this chart regularly, and we welcome suggestions from you for ways to improve it.

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Special thanks to Contributing Editor Ed Perkins for his invaluable expertise and help compiling this guide.

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