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Tourist Traps in Marrakesh: General Warning

General Warning in Marrakesh – Tourist Traps


Tourist Traps in Marrakesh: General Warning

Tourists are often at the top of the list, when it comes to scams. Local scammers can spot a newcomer, and of course they take advantage. Beware of your surroundings, and avoid being overfriendly. Pay attention to local warnings they can save you a lot of heartache.

Beware of Overfriendly Locals

Marrakech/ Marrakesh is a friendly place, but be weary of over friendly locals, with wide smiles. Young people usually trick tourists into paying them to be personal guides, this a tourist trap, as tourists are normally overcharged.

Beware of Taxis from the Airport

Taxis at the airport, sit and wait for tourists to get off the plane, so they can take them on long overpriced rides. The city is chaotic, and walking the streets is dangerous. Unless you know how much a Dirham is, or how much a specific trip will cost, you are likely to get stiffed by the taxi driver. The best option is to negotiate your price. Tell your guide, your taxi, and anyone you transact business with, how much you are willing to pay.

General Advice and Warnings

If you look lost, chances are you are drawing attention to yourself, and inviting scammers to assist you. Looking at a map in public, or asking for help in finding a location are welcomed signals. You can easily fall into a tourist trap without much effort on your part. However, you can avoid becoming a victim. Stay away from the Eastern and Northern side of Marrakech. This area was a bad reputation, lots of muggings take place here. Avoid these warnings and be safe:

  • Expect a passport delay of at least 30 minutes- complete immigration form
  • Fling- flang salesmen will try to inflate prices by more than half of original price- walk away
  • The southern and western parts of Marrakech are the safest- muggings in north and east area
  • Ignore want to be guides- hire a real guide
  • Be prepared to be offered drugs by young people- keeping walking
  • Look at our motorcyclists- walk to the right and frequently look over your shoulder
  • Stay away from Grand Taxis- For best rates negotiate prices before hiring a taxi

A friendly Smile and a Hand in Your Pocket

Everyone wants to make friends when they move or visit a foreign land, sometimes things get out of control. To stay safe in Marrakech, here are a few warnings and tips to remember:

Never agree go out with strangers, as they will take advantage of you and invite their friends at your expense.

Be careful of the girls here, they work the gril, and if you refuse their services, they can be aggressive and demand cash on demand.

Have to correct change on hand, as some merchants will pretend not have change, so they can keep your money.

Learn to say “La Schukrran” (no thank you) a lot and keep walking. This way you can avoid many a tourist traps and stay safe.

Editor’s Note: The information on this page was compiled using traveler reviews about areas to avoid in Marrakesh.

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