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Tips on Queens Warnings or Dangers – Stay Safe!


Queens Warnings and Dangers

One of the five boroughs of New York City, Queens is home to over two million people. Remember to be cautious when using transportation here. Be careful when traveling through the borough. While this is one of the lowest crime areas in New York City, it does have some minor quirks.


Traffic is a problem, especially on the highways. Allow enough time if you are taking roads such as the Brooklyn-Queens expressway. This is particularly true on holidays. Roads to bridges such as the Whitestone Bridge may be backed up for as long as half an hour on Thanksgiving. If you are dropping off a friend at LaGuardia or Kennedy Airports, the two airports in the borough, allow at least an additional half an hour if you headed there during rush hour.

Public Transport

Public transportation in Queens is plentiful. When you’re using the subways, get a subway map. Make sure you have the right line. Some lines may go from Queens to Manhattan and then into Brooklyn while others stay entirely within the confines of the borough. Subway lines are lettered. The letters are on the side of the subway car and in the interior so it’s easy to check which one you’re one. Buses are another good useful form of public transit. You will need a card to board the bus before you get on. You can buy them at subway stations and in stores. The card is also good for subway lines and will give you a free transfer between the two as long as you do so within a certain period of time.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about warnings or dangers in Queens.

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