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Tips on Las Vegas Warnings or Dangers – Stay Safe!


Las Vegas Warnings and Dangers

Las Vegas is America’s adult playground. Millions of tourists flock there every year to gamble, party, and be entertained. Overall, Vegas is a great American city, but there are still some things to avoid in order to make the experience as positive as possible.


Las Vegas can become very congested, especially during the busiest times of day. Some of the drivers can become very erratic and aggressive while trying to navigate through the city. It can be dangerous even for pedestrians, so be as vigilant as possible while crossing the street. People do get hit by cars from time to time. There are a few measures in place to help keep pedestrians safe. The safest way to get around is the footbridge that goes over the strip designed to help walkers completely avoid traffic while getting around.

Strip Club Promoters

Strip clubs are big business in Vegas. Because the demand is so high, the promoters are especially aggressive. You will probably be approached by a large number of individuals trying to peddle their strip club: Don’t even take one of their brochures to be polite as this will just attract other advertisers. This is something to avoid if you have children with you because some of the material being circulated is extremely lewd in nature. This is something that the city has been fighting in recent years and has improved immensely.

Hot and Dry Weather

Las Vegas is in the desert. If you go on any hikes or other outdoor excursions while in the city, be sure to bring water and appropriate clothing. You could put yourself in danger if you are not properly prepared to face the elements. Carry a reusable water bottle around with you whenever you’ll be outside. Of course, the casinos are air conditioned, so no worries there.

Overcharging Taxis

Like other tourist areas, the locals will try to take advantage of incoming travelers who don’t know any better. Tell your driver to avoid the interstate and only take surface streets while driving you to your hotel from the airport. They might attempt to take the interstate in order to up your charges.

Keep an Eye On Your Valuables

Never leave your purse or bag sitting around, even in the casino. The hotels have very good security measures in place, but they can’t stop every thief and pickpocket in the city. In more crowded areas, it’s very easy to have your wallet stolen out of your pocket without even realizing it. There are a lot of professional pickpockets in the area.


There’s a myriad of different street performers along the strip trying to catch your entertainment dollar. Some of them are downright scams, including people who claim to be psychic. Don’t trust everyone you meet. Most of them have some kind of angle to get your money.

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