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Tips for saving time and money on holiday travel


Expedia’s latest Travel Trendwatch is packed with tips and stats about the upcoming winter and holiday travel season. And while I admit I like to geek out on travel trends more than most, there’s so much real-world information that you can directly apply to your winter and holiday travel planning, it ends up being a useful and interesting read for everyone.

Interesting read, you say? Prove it. Well, among other things you’ll find are the top 10 fare increases and decreases for winter (the number one fare decrease is between Los Angeles and Cabo San Lucas; the top fare increase is between San Francisco and Honolulu), the most likely airports for delays during the holidays (Chicago O’Hare, I’m looking at you), and three of the least expensive travel weeks of the year.

I like these reports because in about five minutes, you can get a ton of information that can help you save money and make better travel decisions specific to the upcoming months.

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