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Tips on Birmingham Warnings and Dangers – Stay Safe!


Birmingham Warnings and Dangers

Birmingham is a city close to the center of England, and it is often overshadowed by London when tourists come from other countries. It has a lot to offer though, and can be a great base for exploring entire country.  The city is relatively safe, but here are some tips on Birmingham warnings and dangers, to help you stay safe:

Know Where you Are

This one is common sense, and Birmingham is no different. Always be aware of where you are, and don’t flash around cameras and other expensive electronic equipment. The streets are generally safe, but there are neighborhoods that can be dangerous especially if you look like a tourist. Most streets are fine in the daytime, but at night is when the criminals come out. Do not go out alone at night, and avoid it altogether if you can. If you must go out at night, make sure you are with other people. One person alone is an easy target for robbers.

Traveling in the city

The bus system is great, and there are a lot of them to take you where you want to go. They do accept only exact change, and will not give you change, so keep change in your pocket so you will have the exact fare.

Not so Quiet night

Broad Street, especially, has a lot of loud clubs and bars. When possible they open the windows and doors, as air conditioning is not common. There are a lot of hotels along Broad Street as well, and you may have trouble getting to sleep for all the noise.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about warnings and dangers in Birmingham.

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