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Tingo! New Hotel Booking Site’s a Game Changer


We hate keeping secrets from you, which is why we’re excited to finally be able to tell you about Tingo, a new hotel booking site from Smarter Travel Media debuting today that has everyone here buzzing with excitement.

Imagine you could book a hotel room whenever you wanted and never have to worry about getting the best price—because the booking site will automatically rebook you every time the price drops. Welcome to Tingo.

Unlike other sites with best-price guarantees, Tingo actually delivers on the promise: nobody has to book your exact same itinerary, your credit card is refunded automatically, and there’s absolutely no limit to the refund amount you can receive.

We got a hands-on preview of the site over the past several weeks and have been able to use it for our own bookings ahead of the public launch today. It’s easy to use and the design is both cute and intuitive. 

Just plug in your desired city, dates, and number of guests, and Tingo will display a list and a map with all of the available properties. The majority of the hotels display the Money Back! icon, which means that if the price goes down, you will automatically be refunded and re-booked at the lower rate.

So how much money can you expect to save? We’ve seen actual price drops of $519 for a two-night stay at the Wynn in Las Vegas and $134 for one night at the Casablanca in New York City. In February, hotel prices dropped an average of $46 in New York City and $35 in Los Angeles, which can really add up if you’re staying more than a night.

“Travelers could have saved millions last year had there been a simple system in place that automatically rebooked their rooms,” notes Smarter Travel Media General Manager David Krauter. “That’s what Tingo does, by taking the gamble out of booking and refunding travelers’ money when rates drop.”

It can be tough to know when to book a hotel room—book too early, and you feel like a chump when prices drop; wait too long, and you either overpay or have your chosen property (or room type) sell out before you reserve. 

Tingo lets you book as early as you like and guarantees that you’ll always pay the lowest rate after that.

We’re stepping outside of our normal role as unbiased observers today to tell you about Tingo, but we really believe in the money-saving mission of this new hotel booking site. We encourage you to check it out and form your own opinion of Tingo—and then tell us what you think in the comments area below.

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