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Taxis in Athens and Other Warnings and Dangers


Warnings and Dangers in Athens Taxis

Taxis can be an easy way to get around Athens to explore the culture, marvel at the architecture, and learn the history of the city. However, there are some taxis warnings and dangers in Athens to know before you go.

Approximate Price Before Getting Into the Taxi

While some taxi drivers in Athens are honest, others will try to rip you off. Some of the drivers will rush you into the car and end up charging you more than the normal price. It is advisable to establish the approximate cost of your trip as well as whether the driver knows well where you want to go. Be alert to ensure that the driver does not take you around and around just to get more money from you. If you notice anything out of the normal, avoid paying for the trip and call the police.

Look for the Taxi Meter

All taxis in Athens are obligated to use a meter when clients flag them down. Be careful about drivers who are keen on negotiating fares with you without relying on the meter. This is illegal, since it is contrary to the regulations of the traffic department. Look at the meter before paying to ensure that it is running. It is also important that you pay the price displayed on the meter. There is a tariff charge that can guide you on the fare you should pay. The number one means normal tariff, number two represents night tariff, and number three is a tariff for special occasions.

Taxi Scams at Syntagma Square

A few taxis at Sytagma square will line up without the light on the roof to indicate that the car is vacant. This is because the taxi drivers do not want to drive locals but are looking for tourists who they can easily rip off. Such drivers will avoid using the meter in an attempt to quote higher prices. Since most tourists will not know whether the quoted price matches the distance to be covered, they will readily take the cab. You are advised to ensure that your chosen taxi driver uses the meter. If they refuse to do so, you are better off taking another taxi.

Fake Airport Taxis

Upon arrival at the airport, you will need to get a taxi to drive you to your hotel. Regardless of the length of the queue, you should stay in it and make sure that you remain at the designated taxi stand area. Drivers who frequent the taxi stand are less likely to overcharge you or rip you off. Be careful about anyone who approaches you and offers a ride. Such people may take advantage of you or could be dangerous.

Catch a Taxi Arranged from Your Hotel

One of the ways to avoid the sharks in the taxi industry in Athens is to catch a taxi arranged from your hotel. The hotels are in touch with reliable transport service providers. This will ensure that your trip is quick, easy, and affordable.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about taxis warnings and dangers in Athens.

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