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Swimming in Cabo San Lucas

Swimming in Cabo San Lucas and Other Warnings and Dangers


Swimming in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is home to relaxing beaches fit to unwind from the hustle back home. However, there are many areas in Cabo San Lucas that should be avoided if you enjoy swimming, surfing, or even boating.

Areas to Avoid

Many of the Los Cabos resorts are located on the Pacific Ocean, which can have strong riptides that are potentially deadly. Accordingly, many resort beaches are non-swimming, and will say so. If there aren’t warnings or lifeguards, check with locals to better determine which beaches to avoid, especially if you are staying in the area long-term. Both low and high tides that can quickly turn into drowning conditions.

Safe Beaches

Todos Santos, just outside Cabo San Lucas, is ideal for surfing and swimming. If you are unsure of the safest places to swim, be sure to talk to locals in order to get advice on locations that are right for you. Many beaches that are safe to swim and surf are not marked, and often require individuals to follow dirt roads and paths to the ocean. Visiting a beach that is safe” may also give you the opportunity to watch seals relax on rocks and swim freely alongside you.

Jellyfish and Other Wildlife

Because you are swimming in an open ocean, it is important to wear proper gear in case you encounter wildlife or habitats that could hurt you. Jellyfish stings are not uncommon, and coral or sea urchins can injure unsuspecting feet. Invest in water shoes or rash guards if you want to protect your skin from marine life.

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