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Spiders / Snakes / Animals in Sydney and Other Warnings and Dangers


Warnings and Dangers in Sydney Spiders / Snakes / Animals

Blue Ring Octopus

Watch out for Blue Ring Octopus along the coast. Especially near rocks. Blue Ring Octopus can be deadly and at remote places the hospital care you will need can be too far away. There have been numerous sightings at the beaches along the Cronulla coast.

Dive Bombers

Swooping birds often leave a little something behind. Wear a hat (and maybe a shower cap over it). They’re usually just trying to guard their nesting areas. If you need to, protect your head and eyes and simply move away from the area.


In Sydney there are a lot of cockroaches. Don’t be alarmed if you are eating at an outdoor restaurant and you see them on the floor or in your hotel room. It happens. They can’t help it, so don’t put the blame on anyone working at a place you see one.

Creepy Creatures

In the bushier suburbs and parklands of Sydney lurk dangerous creatures whose bite could be fatal if left untreated. Funnel web spiders and venomous snakes abound in Sydney, especially during their mating season. They normally hide under rocks. Wear good hiking boots and long trousers when bushwalking around the city’s many parklands.

Sun and Surf

At the beaches, swim between the flags – the surf and currents can be extremely strong. The most dangerous thing about the beach is THE SUN. Make sure you wear high SPF sunscreen – the ozone layer above Asutralia is very thin.


Watch out for the wild kangaroos on Pebby Beach, just south of Sydney. If they think you have food for them they will chase you! But, you can get some good pictures of them for a price (about half a bag of food is the going rate).

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about warnings and dangers in Sydney.


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