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Scottevest Debuts the World’s First RFID-Blocking Clothing


Technically, anyone who jousts regularly or thinks of chainmail as casual-wear has some pretty decent RFID-blocking technology built into their clothing already, but for the rest of us, Scottevest has just released the world’s first (non-Renaissance-fair) RFID-blocking clothing item.

The RFID-blocking vest has an interior pocket and is available in men’s and women’s styles. Even if you don’t yet have the type of credit card you can just tap on a card reader instead of swipe, you may still be vulnerable to RFID identity theft if you are carrying a smartphone or a passport issued since 2006.

We’re big fans of all the travel- and tech-friendly details Scottevest builds into its clothing, and this vest has plenty of other bells and whistles in addition to the RFID-blocking pocket. In both the men’s (26 pockets) and women’s (18 pockets) versions of the vest, you’ll find a collar you can thread headphones through and a pocket to stash them when they’re not in use. There’s an extendable key holder clip, an eyeglass pocket with a built-in cleaning cloth, and an elastic water-bottle loop.

The vest is available starting today on for $135.

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