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Quiz: How Romantic a Traveler Are You?


This Valentine’s Day, we’re not going to tell you where to go for a romantic getaway. That’s too cliche! Which is ironic, since instead of telling you what to do, we’re asking you which cheesy romantic travel cliches you’ve indulged in.

We recognize that “cheesy” is subjective — while I think a couple’s massage in a straw hut overlooking warm turquoise waters is wonderfully romantic, others might very well find that dripping in cheese.

But you can’t argue it’s not a cliche!

Take our Cheesy Romance Travel Quiz by giving yourself one point for every cheesy romantic travel moment below that you’ve ever indulged in, then check to see where you stand on the Cheesy Romance Travel scale.

I have…

… Walked barefoot on the beach, holding hands during sunset with a flower in my hair or my partner’s hair (give yourself half a point if there was no flower).

… Dined on a bearskin rug next to a crackling fire in a mountain lodge.

… Bought a rose (or had a rose bought for me) from a peddler on a picturesque street in a foreign country.

… Sat in a gondola with my loved one while a gondolier serenaded us in Venice (take half a point if you did this in Las Vegas because it was closer to home than Italy).

… Spent the night in a honeymoon suite with a heart-shaped bed and rose-petal-strewn bath.

… Taken a horse-drawn carriage ride in a city like New York, New Orleans or Paris (give yourself extra points for each city you’ve done this in).

… Channeled my inner Meg Ryan or Tom Hanks and smooched on the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

… Gazed at the stars in some exotic location (the Arabian desert, the Australian Outback) before gazing lovingly into my partner’s eyes.

… Set sail on a private yacht right as the sun went down so I literally sailed off into the sunset together.

Give yourself a five-point bonus if you’ve danced under the stars anywhere in the world (except your backyard) with no accompanying music just because you felt like dancing with the person you loved at that very moment.

How’d you do?

10 points or higher — You love romantic comedies, you enjoy getting and giving flowers, and you bring your inner romantic diva with you even when you travel. Who cares if others turn their noses up at horse-drawn carriage rides with heart-shaped rose decorations and a blanket to snuggle under? To you, that’s paradise.

5 to 9 points — You’ve got a romantic side, but you’re pragmatic too. A quiet walk along the beach with your loved one is fine, but you’re not quite prepared to cough up the extra dough for the overpriced rose or singing gondolier.

0 – 4 points — Either: A) you don’t have a romantic bone in your body; B) you hate anything cliche and would just rather keep your romantic gestures to yourself; or C) your bucket list has a few of these romantic moments on it, but you just haven’t gotten there yet.

— written by Dori Saltzman

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