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Proper Clothing in Rome and Other Warnings and Dangers

Proper Clothing in Rome and Other Warnings and Dangers


Warnings and Dangers in Rome: Proper Clothing

Rome is a very old Italian city certainly worth visiting. Travelers may find it surprising that there are dress codes, but they are at places revered as holy places.  That is why perhaps, there are dress codes in various places in Rome. Here are some tips on clothing in Rome and other warnings and dangers.

Vatican City

The Vatican City, and particularly St Peters Basilica, has a strict dress code. They dont allow shorts or bare shoulders for men or women, and women cannot wear miniskirts. It is not negotiable, so if you show up, with bare shoulders, you will be turned away. A normal T-shirt and Jeans are fine though. They also dont allow day packs, so you will have to park your pack somewhere. Jogging pants are sold at a stand around the corner, and those are acceptable as well.

Churches in general

The dress code applies to all Christian churches in Rome, though some other ones may not be as strict as they are at St. Peters. It is good to know when a service is being held, and act accordingly. Churches are about the only place that enforce a dress code. Other places you will find little restrictions. There are topless and nude beaches in the area as well.

Looking like a tourist

It is true for any city, but you should always try to not look like a tourist. As a foreigner you will stick out already, but don’t make it worse by being dressed in some gaudy outfit that shouts tourist. Things like regular shirts and jeans are fine, or even shorts as long as you don’t head into a church in them. There are people looking for victims, and a lost tourist can be an easy victim of a mugging or theft. As much as possible, dress like the locals, and try to blend in. Also, it is important to always look like you know where you are going, whether you do or not.  There are things that make you look like a tourist other than clothes, such as a lot of big cameras and looking at a lot of big maps. When you must consult your map, try to do it out of the middle of the street, so as to not draw attention.

Weather related

The sun is very hot, and very bright in Rome. it is a good idea to have a hat of some kind, to keep you from being sunburned.  A hat can keep you from getting dehydrated too fast. It is also a good idea to wear light colored clothing, which is generally cooler. Use sunscreen, and dont leave yourself exposed to the bright sun too long if you are a light skinned person.

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