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OP-ED: Keep Your Kids Away from My Flight


Children kicking seats, babies screaming, toddlers running up and down the aisle, and parents changing infants’ dirty diapers on tray tables (yes, I’ve seen this first-hand)—the majority of the time, kids make flying miserable for everyone else. I’m sorry, I know you think your precious snowflake is well-behaved, and will sit quietly for an entire flight with his or hands folded. But I’ve never seen this happen on a plane.

That’s why, if I ever get the chance, I will fly Malaysian Airlines. In a heartbeat. The Australian Business Traveller reports that the airline has designated the upstairs economy section off-limits to children under 12 on their new Airbus A380. That’s right, in economy class—so you won’t even have to pay extra for blissful silence.

Don’t worry, parents, kids can sit in the downstairs cabin, which is a win-win for everyone. Families can sit together, and when children start yowling and throwing food, you’ll be surrounded by other parents who will understand what you’re going through. Meanwhile, I’ll be upstairs having a cocktail without having to worry about the kid behind me messing with my seat or spilling my drink; I’ll be watching an R-rated movie without baby wails piercing my eardrums.

The only thing better would be first class—no babies allowed there on Malaysian, either!

Do you think planes should have child-free zones?

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