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Non-Liquid Toiletries Help You Cope With TSA Bans


In recent years, liquid bans and checked-bag fees inspired me to collect alternative products that allow me to fly with a well-stocked toiletries kit without exceeding the allotted one-quart-bag limit.

There are a number of good online resources for paper, powder, and solid alternatives to common liquid health and beauty products. Here are some inspirations for a daub-kit overhaul:


Lush, a Britain-based company that has opened up U.S. stores in recent years, specializes in solid shampoos ($9.25). They last a long time, transport easily in a handy tin, and smell fantastic. For even lighter travel, Flight 001 sells packets of 30 sheets of paper shampoo ($6) that dissolve in water.


Lush sells a solid conditioner ($9.95) with natural ingredients like cocoa butter, avocados, and figs. And Vermont-based SylvieL sells an unscented solid conditioner ($9.50).


Lush sells moisturizing body butter bars ($11.65 and up) that can be used in place of liquid lotions.


The athlete-oriented Mission Product line has a solid sunscreen stick ($10) that’s good for face, lips, ears, and neck. In a pinch, you can also use it on arms and legs.

Shaving cream

Flight 001 sells a slim packet of shaving cream papers ($6) that dissolve into foam when mixed with water. sells a number of solid shaving soaps ($3.50 and up).


Natural food stores and pharmacies often stock powder toothpaste alongside gel and paste versions. You’ll find dozens of options online by doing a search on “powder toothpaste.”

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