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Warnings and Dangers in Sydney King Cross

King Cross in Sydney and other Warnings and Dangers


Warnings and Dangers in Sydney King Cross

King Cross, sometimes simply called “the Cross” by locals, is a small district within Sydney, best known for its busy nightlife. Take a look at the hazards you need to know about so that you can stay safe during your visit to the King Cross area.


There are some reports of violent crimes, like assaults and muggings, in the King Cross area, especially at night. The nighttime may not be the safest time to walk through the King Cross area. Drive or take public transportation if you can.

If you must walk through the King Cross area at night, traveling with others is safer than walking alone. Women especially should think twice before walking through the King Cross area alone at night. Use caution and stay alert when you’re walking in the area; try to avoid unpopulated or poorly lit areas, like alleys. Purse snatchings are known to happen in and around the train station. If you’re carrying a purse, choose one with a short handle that you can keep close to your body rather than one with a long handle that’s easy to grab.

Prostitution and Drug Use

King Cross is essentially Sydney’s red light district. As in many red light districts around the world, you can expect to see some drug use and prostitution in the area. IV drug users have been known to leave used needles behind, so be careful of where you step or sit when you’re outside.

You may encounter intoxicated people leaving the bars and clubs in the area. It’s best to avoid them if you can. Remember to use caution when driving and keep an eye out for erratic drivers as well.


You’re likely to see groups of bikers in the King Cross area, especially at night or on the weekend. Remember that it’s not considered polite to photograph them without asking for permission first, and they won’t appreciate. Ask first or keep your camera down. Also, if you visit a tattoo parlor in the area, you should be aware that it’s usually frowned upon to take pictures inside the tattoo shop. You can ask, but don’t be surprised if the answer is no.


You may see some homeless people when visiting King Cross, especially during the day. Most mean no harm to visitors, but you may be approached by someone asking for money or other items.

If you enjoy the nightlife, you’re likely to enjoy King Cross. However, it’s important to be on the lookout for the kinds of dangers that can be found in the area. Take the precautions that you’d use in any red light district and you’ll likely avoid danger. There is a significant police presence as well as a police station in King Cross, so you can easily report any instances of crime, harassment, or danger to an officer.

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