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French Quarter in New Orleans and Other Warnings and Dangers


Warnings and Dangers in New Orleans: French Quarter

Way down yonder in New Orleans is the home of a rich musical and French-Creole and Spanish culture that will devour your senses and plunge you into a world of music, parties and new friends you will never forget.  Don’t get so caught up in the celebration that you forget the basic rules of travel.

Lewd Behavior

Remember to keep your cool and realize that aside from Las Vegas, New Orleans is probably the drinking capital of the Southeast. Whenever alcohol is involved, people’s ethics are more relaxed as they engage with you on the street.  Rule of thumb is not to engage them in conversation. Don’t carry all your valuables with you or in the same place. Try not to explore the sites alone or late at night.

Dress Casually

The French Quarter is historically the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans.  It’s also called Vieux Carre and was founded in 1718.  The entire district has been declared a national historic landmark. The area is rich with culture from the Creoles, Italians, and Irish. Jazz was born on Bourbon Street in the late 1890’s and early twentieth Century. Today, there are still plenty of pubs to hear the brass, but be on guard for people following you if you look ‘too rich’.  The locals tend to harass visitors based on their profile.

Have the Hotel Call a Cab for You

The rates change depending on what cab company you use. You can try to get a quote upfront.  I would also still to a cab company and not using Uber or Lyft here. Beware of the cab driver and other people trying to probe you for information. If you’re followed, ask for help from the nearest business.

Jazz Fest is the Best

As you walk around the French Quarter, there will be people who will approach you. They will offer you bead, balloons, jokes, songs, etc. They want some money in return. Do not feel that you must stop. The best thing to do when approached is keep moving quickly and calmly.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about French Quarter, New Orleans.

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