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Flyer Claims She Was ‘Violated’ During TSA Pat-Down


Ashley Jessica, a 25 year old Canadian student and anti-TSA activist, is claiming that she was “violated” by a TSA agent during a pat-down, reports the Daily Mail.

Last year, Jessica led a campaign encouraging people to opt-out of using airport body scanners and to film the resulting TSA pat-downs.

Now, Jessica is claiming that a female TSA agent was overzealous in her pat-down at San Diego International Airport. Jessica’s mother filmed her undergoing a pat-down after they opted out of the body scanners—watch the video here and decide for yourself if it looks inappropriate.

It looks like a pretty standard pat-down to us, and the TSA agent is obviously aware that she’s being filmed, so we doubt that she would engage in groping in front of a camera.

The TSA seems to feel the same way. A spokesperson for the agency told the Daily Mail, “It is the passenger’s choice to either walk through the screening equipment or receive a secondary screening using a pat-down. In review of the closed-circuit video, it is abundantly clear that the two TSA officers conducting the pat-down carried out their responsibilities in a professional and polite manner and according to procedure, offering the passengers the opportunity to have the pat-down conducted in a private setting and taking time to explain each step along the way.”

Do you think Jessica was overreacting, or do you think the pat-down was inappropriate? Tell us in the comments!

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