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Five tips for staying sane during holiday travel


Does the mere thought of traveling for the holidays tie you up in knots? Here are some tips for staying sane while traveling this holiday season:

  • Don’t wrap the presents you plan to bring on the plane, since airport screeners may need to unwrap them to check the contents. Instead, pack some wrapping paper and do your wrapping once you arrive.
  • Remember carry-on restrictions. Spare yourself the irritation of having toiletries or other items confiscated at security and review the TSA’s permitted and prohibited items list before you head to the airport.
  • Check in online. Not all airlines allow you to check in online, but if you can, you’ll be able to skip one of the longest lines you’re likely to encounter on your trip through the airport.
  • Arrive early. While waiting around at the airport is few people’s idea of a good time, it sure beats the alternative, which during holiday rush periods can be missing your flight because you couldn’t find a parking space or get through security fast enough.
  • Remember that everyone is harried, and have a little extra patience. The crowds, the weather, and the stress of the holiday season guarantees that at least 90 percent of the people you interact with on your journey are just as frazzled as you are.

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