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Expert Packing Tips for Every Type of Trip


Packing the right clothes, shoes and gear for your trip is an underrated, yet necessary skill (as anyone who has ever tried to hike a trail in flimsy footwear can attest). And with the addition of airline baggage fees, not to mention the fight for overhead space on the plane, being able to bring just enough — without going over — can even save you money and hassle.

On the following pages, you’ll find packing guidelines for four different types of vacations. No matter where you are going, try to restrict yourself to one suitcase and one carry-on (or even a carry-on only!), at least on the way there. Otherwise, you won’t have room to bring anything home — and where’s the fun in that? Click below to get expert packing tips for your trip type.

How to Pack for a Beach Vacation

Sun and sand top the list of favorite summer vacations, but it’s hard to feel fully free when you’re dragging too much stuff around. Learn what to pack for the beach.

How to Pack for an African Safari

Headed to Africa to see the Big Five? See how to stay cool and protect yourself from sun, heat and other dangers in the bush with our tips on what to pack for a safari.

How to Pack for an Active Vacation

Hitting the great outdoors can be an exhilarating vacation, but the sheer complexity of gear can leave your suitcase overflowing. Here’s how to pack for an outdoor getaway.

How to Pack for a City Trip

On your next visit to a big city, discover how to look like a savvy insider instead of a country bumpkin with our foolproof packing tips for urban getaways.

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