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Cancun, Mexico


Cancun, Mexico


Cancun's beaten path is paved with white sand and surrounded by turquoise waters. Its spring break is famous among college students, and the immensely popular beach destination also caters to families, couples, and other travelers year round. Cancun's Hotel Zone is lined with all-inclusive resorts offering Caribbean-front accommodations, acres of pools, and beaches complete with bars and lounge chairs. English is widely spoken, and most resorts have a number of restaurants on-site. There's no shortage of things to do in Cancun, from simply lounging on the beach to surfing, jet skiing, golfing, and snorkeling. Iconic Maya ruins such as Chichen Itza, with their soaring pyramids and ancient avenues, are well worth a day trip; and visitors looking for a slower-paced beach scene can catch the ferry from Cancun to nearby Isla Mujeres. Because so many airlines fly there from cities around the U.S., airfare to Cancun is competitively priced and often among the most affordable to Mexico. Its location on the Yucatan Peninsula makes the Cancun International Airport an ideal entry point for travelers heading to Cozumel, Merida, and the cities of the Maya Riviera, including Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

When To Go

With warm, sunny days throughout the year, Cancun is a vacationer's paradise. The most popular time to visit is during winter, when many people trade in the cold weather in the north for the warm Caribbean climate. Summers can be hot and wet, with [[Hurricane-Season_Travel | hurricane season]] starting in June and lasting until November. The beginning of December and the month of April can be pleasant times to visit, with fewer visitors and comfortable weather.

high season: mid-December to March
low season: May to November
shoulder season: earlyDecember, April

Weather Information

With a tropical climate, Cancun's weather stays warm year-round. However, the summer can get fairly hot, with average highs in the upper 80s and low 90s. Fall sees the most rain, although temperatures drop a few degrees to highs in the mid to upper 80s. Hurricanes are possible in the summer and fall. Spring and winter bring pleasant conditions, with bright days and average highs in the low to mid 80s.

Crowd Information

Cancun gets busy during spring break, particularly in March when thousands of [[Student_Travel | college students]] flock to the city.

Closure Information

Hotels, shops, and attractions remain open throughout the year.

Other Information

Thimble jellyfish larvae can be a nuisance, mainly between between April and July. Although their stings are not deadly, they can cause a slight allergic reaction, rash, and possible fever.

When to Save

The best time to go to save money is during the [[Low_season | low season]], when there are fewer visitors and hotels are eager to fill empty rooms. The most expensive time to visit is during the [[High_season | high season]] when visitors from other parts of the world flee the cold weather. June and July can also see an increase in prices, as many visitors, particularly those from Mexico and Europe, are on school holidays.

Information provided by the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau

A few more sites for information

  • Travel Yucatan: This website provides a thorough description of Cancun's climate, and when the best time to visit is based on the weather.
  • Weather Underground: This is an excellent resource for finding the current temperature in Cancun, as well as a detailed forecast of the upcoming week. The history section allows you to check last year's weather to get an idea of what to expect when you go.
  • Visit Cancun Annual Events and Calendar: This site doesn't provide the most thorough listing of events, but it will give you a general idea of what takes place every year, especially concerning religious holidays.
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