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Day 14: Proven Ways to Perfectly Pack Formal Wear


Packing Hacks is a 31-part series devoted to helping you become an expert packer! Each installment offers advice on how to get organized, pack smarter, save on bag fees, and eliminate packing stress. New to Packing Hacks? Start at the beginning.

After yesterday’s post on how to select the best jacket or coat, we’re switching gears to the fancy and the formal.

Weddings, business events, formal nights at sea, and the like all necessitate something a little more proper, whether it’s a suit or a dress. Your challenge? Pack your formal clothing well, keeping wrinkles at bay and delicate items protected. We can help.

You’ll learn:

    How to store a suit or dress on a plane

    The best shoes to pack for formal events

    How to mix and match formal clothes with casual wear

Up next: Day 15: Smart Tips for Packing Shoes and Boots.

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