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Day 12: Travel-Wardrobe Tweaks That Deliver More Style in Less Space


Packing Hacks is a 31-part series devoted to helping you become an expert packer! Each installment offers advice on how to get organized, pack smarter, save on bag fees, and eliminate packing stress. New to Packing Hacks? Start at the beginning.

Now that you’ve gotten the skinny on how versatile layers can be the foundation of your travel wardrobe, today we’re telling you how to combat wardrobe fatigue and make all your clothes go the extra mile.

What is wardrobe fatigue, you ask? It’s the singular condition caused by long days on the road or in the air, when you get completely sick of every bit of clothing you’ve brought with you. Every garment is boring or useless. Seriously, what were you thinking when you bought hot-pink cargo pants?

Thankfully, by reading our tips, you can avoid wardrobe fatigue, and any other ill will you have toward your travel-clothing collection.

You’ll learn:

    The single clothing item that will save your trip

    Which colors you should be buying

    Where to look for travel-wardrobe inspiration

Up next: Day 13: How to Pack the Right Jacket (or Coat) for Every Season.

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