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Bag Snatching / Pickpockets in Sydney and Other Warnings and Dangers


Warnings and Dangers in Sydney: Bag Snatching / Pickpockets

Known for its pristine beaches, excellent cuisine, the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, Sydney is a bustling, picturesque city featuring abundant activities. However, visitors may want to take a few security measures.

Thieves and Pickpockets

Sydney is a big city with a substantial population. Consequently, thieves are looking for tourists who do not attend to their belongings. Always pay attention to people who are too close for comfort. Never leave your purse, luggage, mobile phone or laptop unattended even for a minute. Keep your wallet out of view, preferably in your front pocket instead of the back pocket. You can also consider your option to wear a neck wallet in which you store most of your money.

Safe and Unsafe Areas in Sydney

Sydney features a few shady locations. Most of the areas are relatively safe. You can feel secure when walking in South Sydney, East Sydney and Bondi. It is best to avoid visiting the Campbelltown council area, Cabramatta, Blacktown, Penrith, Seven Hills, Bankstown and the notorious Red Fern suburb known for its violence. Tourists visiting Red Fern have been stabbed by local residents, especially after the sun sets.

A Few Words About Cars and Trains

Avoid driving in King Cross. Purse snatchers have been known to steal purses through open windows. Beware of boarding trains at night. Train stations are not heavily populated during evening hours with the exception of unwelcome troublemakers. If you must take a train at night, use the Kogarah station instead of the Rockdale station. Taking a train during the daytime is not as dangerous. Nevertheless, you still need to watch for pickpockets at all times.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about warnings and dangers in Sydney.

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