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Risky Situations in Dubai and Other Warnings and Dangers


Warnings and Dangers in Dubai: Be Aware of Call Girls

Call girls are present in every major city of the world, including Dubai. However, you may find yourself in more legal trouble should you end an evening with a call girl in Dubai, which is why you need to be aware of their potential presence in the city.

Strict, But Not As Strict As Other Locations

Call girls and other sex industries are heavily frowned upon throughout the Middle East. Dubai is one of the most Westernized cities in the region, but it is still far stricter on the sex industry than what you would find in Europe or even North America. Due to this, paying for a call girl not only is looked down upon but it is illegal and can come with a very hefty fine and jail sentence. While there is nothing wrong with meeting someone while out at one of the many restaurants, bars, or clubs, you need to practice caution in order to avoid possibly ending up with a call girl.

What to Look For

Not all girls who are out are call girls, even if they are out drinking alone. However, one potential sign that an individual is a call girl is that she’s out by herself. There also isn’t anything wrong with a girl out on her own talking with those around her. This is not a sign of someone being a call girl. Should you suspect someone of being a call girl, however, it is best to ignore them. Informing authorities of someone being a call girl can result in extremely serious crimes brought up against them, even if they are not.

Warning to the Women

The real warning should go out to women visiting Dubai. For women out at a club or restaurant, it is not unheard of to be approached by a man and asked “how much?” It may be written down on a piece of paper or it may be done verbally. Either way, this instantly places the woman in a difficult situation. When at a restaurant or a sit-down bar it is easier to simply ignore them or to inform the bartender or serving staff of what is going on. However, this becomes more difficult in X-rated clubs.

Beware of X-Rated Clubs

In a standard club, taking photographs is allowed. In X-rated clubs, pictures are off limits, which can make it difficult to take pictures of a man who may be attempting to solicit a woman for sex. Due to this, it is better to go to such a club in a larger group. Should a man start to harass a woman in this kind of a club, it’s better just leave in order to avoid further problems.

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Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about avoiding call girls in Dubai.

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