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Another TSA Body Scanner Scandal?


According to a story from Bloomberg, test results that confirmed that the TSA’s body-scanning machines are no longer producing graphic images of passengers’ bodies may have been faked. So the machines may, in fact, be showing very detailed images of passengers.

According to the report, “The company [that produces some of the machines] ‘may have attempted to defraud the government by knowingly manipulating an operational test,’ Representative Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Transportation Security Subcommittee, said in a letter to Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole Nov. 13. Rogers said his committee received a tip about the faked tests.”

This story seems to have picked up some legs in the media. But—at least so far—there is no evidence that anyone’s overly detailed image has been taken, much less stored somewhere. It’s not even clear who, if anybody, might have faked the tests. The TSA is “looking into” the matter; you can expect new information later.

All in all, for travelers, this seems to be a non-issue, at least so far. It’s highly unlikely that anyone’s body details have been revealed. And, unfortunately, there are a lot more pressing issues in air travel right now. 

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