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Punta Cana…no thank you!

Author: Vanessa herrero
Date of Trip: August 2007

We just got back last night from Punta Cana. This is what happen to us. In April we went to a local travel agency in Miami. We have heard about their vacation packages to Punta Cana, an all inclusive package to a tropical 4 star resort. We booked the trip for the last week of August. We get to the airport and thats when it went down hill. We where told that there is a $10 charge for luggage ($20 for the both of us). We paid and got on the plane.

Made it to Punta Cana and found the travel agency’s free transportation to the resort. Things take a turn. We get to our resort and are told that we are getting an upgrade to the other resort (part of the same property). We get there and are told to go eat lunch and come back in half an hour. We did and they lost all our paper work. They told us go eat and come back in half an hour once more, I said no and stood my ground. After about 20 min they found the paper work. The representative from the travel agencyput the paper work down and walked away not telling anyone what it was or what should be done. An hour and half later we got our room.

Let me back track: When we booked this trip we were told that we were going to get ocean view on a high floor and a king size bed. Back to the trip: we get to the room to find two full size beds, lights that did not turn on or off, the A/C did not work and the toilet did not flush. We went back up to the front desk and said that we wanted to be moved to another room. The rep from tour companytells us that there is no way that she could move us but she would look into it. She comes back with the keys to a new room. We also explain that we wanted a room with a king size beg (we get yet another surprise) the resort that we were in does not have king size beds, all they can do it push two full size beds together.

Very upset but determined to have a relaxing vacation we went to our new room on the 2nd floor in the corner of the building with a side ways view of the ocean blacked by palm trees. We had to take an elevator to the room that got stuck and only made it 2/3 of the way up to the 2nd floor. We had to step up to get out. We made it to the room, changed and went down to the beach. We went to eat dinner (with very nasty resort staff at our beck and call) and walked up to the room to find that the keys to the room were no longer working. Very upset we just about ran to the front desk and went off, we were giving this “upgrade” that was not, we booked our room for the quieter resort, the room sucked and the view was horrible, the guest relations was horrible! I got very loud and not until I was yelling in the lobby area did i get any answers. The resort I booked for was closing for the next month for painting and what ever other reason. I was livid!!! Why did they give me the reservation for that resort if they knew it was going to close.

They also could not move us from where we were because the resort was 100% booked. we were stuck, we could not get a hold of the travel agent in Miami (because the phone did not work and our cells were not getting reception). We did not sleep at all in our cozy little full size beds like two brother and sisters. The next day we woke up and went out to the beach, we slept and ate staying clear of the the main lobby and just about anyone that worked there. The service at all the restaurants, the staff was rude and just did not want not care to help us out.

On the 2nd day we had questions about the resort (it’s an all inclusive and we are being told that there are restrictions). The Rep from the tour company was supposed to give us an orientation but she never did (she was on her cell phone from the moment we got there to the moment we walked away). We had to fight with every one of the staff we came across to get things going. Ok so now the bar: You want a drink, sure you get it but don’t forget to tell them very loud and in their face that you want rum in your drinks or you just will not get any.

We went to bed and I was awoken by a really bad itch on my right leg. I got up and went to the bath room to see what was going on to find that I had been bitten by god knows what in bed under the sheets during the night. The bites were very painful and I had to take a hot bath to get the pain under control only to have to spray myself (and the bed) with bug repellant and benadryl. I rushed to the doctors office they had on the resort telling the doctor what had happen and showed her my legs, her response to me was to go to the drug store and buy something for the pain. I got the bites from the bugs in their bed and I had to go BUY something to get it under control!!!!

Some more details: -The TV, they had a few local channels but if we wanted to see anything else like HBO, TNT, FX and so on we had to pay $5 a day per channel to see them. -We had to pay about $6 a game to play pool. -We were told the all the alcohol was top shelf, it was more like

Over all we were very upset with this trip and are now in the process of getting out money back!! Stay away from the Bavaro Barcelo in Punta Cana!!!

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