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Unsafe Areas / Crime in Hollywood and Other Warnings and Dangers

Warnings and Dangers in Hollywood Unsafe Areas / Crime

If you want a taste of the celebrity lifestyle, chances are you’re looking forward to going to Hollywood. Located in the central region of Los Angeles, Hollywood is a densely populated, ethnically diverse, and low-income neighborhood. While you won’t have any problems having fun in Hollywood, you definitely want to stay safe and aware of warnings and dangers.

Stay in West Hollywood

As a tourist, there is no need to venture into the heart of Hollywood. You can simply stay in West Hollywood, which is where you will find all of the attractions, such as the celebrity sighting hotspots, the Standard, Chateau Marmont, and the Graumans Chinese Theatre. You don’t need to venture east to Hollywood. If you do, you can expect things to get “sketchy.” As you venture east, you can expect to see more “shifty” looking people and some homeless people. However, you will see other pedestrians as well. West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and La Brea are the best places for accommodation. You will feel safe in most places during the day. However, at night, you should stick to more populated areas. If possible, only walk around Hollywood during the day.

Stay Away From Santa Monica Boulevard

Unless you have “street smarts,” you should try your best to stay away from Santa Monica. There are quite a few cases of robberies and assault in this area. You will mostly find small enclosed studios and film vaults in this area. The area is certainly not as “glamorous” as East Hollywood, so you will be able to tell if you’re near or in Santa Monica Boulevard.

Secure Your Possessions

Undoubtedly, Hollywood is a popular spot for tourists. However, this neighborhood is also a great target for thieves due to all the unsuspecting tourists. Be sure to keep your possessions secure at all times and practice common sense. For example, lock your door and hold on to your purse, wallet, or pocketbook at all times. Don’t let the glamor of Hollywood trick you into letting your guard down.

Stay Aware

In Hollywood, many safe places are adjacent to unsafe places. Therefore, you should be cognizant of where you’re walking so that you don’t accidentally end up venturing into an unsafe area. For example, some of the popular attractions in Hollywood are the Hollywood Wax Museum and Mann’s Chinese Theater. However, you will find that the areas adjacent to these attractions are not family-friendly or safe at night. Watch out for vendors who will try to sell you fake and imitation products at an incredibly high price. You should also keep in mind that there are people who are dressed as characters or celebrities who will attempt to take a picture with you and then charge you an exuberant cost.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about unsafe areas and crime in Hollywood.

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