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Tips on Atlanta Warnings or Dangers – Stay Safe!

Atlanta Warnings and Dangers

While Atlanta is generally considered a safe city, there are certain areas and activities you should avoid. Here are the Atlanta warnings and dangers you need to know about before you arrive.

Dangerous Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Locals agree: Visitors should stay away from Southern Atlanta, including Grant Park,the Bluff, and the I-20. These are the hubs of dangerous and illegal activity in Atlanta, and they are far from the tourist centers with the most appealing attractions. In these parts of Atlanta, you’re more likely to be hassled by strangers, and the conversation may turn dangerous.

The Bluff, which is southwest of Atlanta, is particularly known for sketchy characters. East Atlanta is another unsavory area. Always ensure that if you are driving in these areas, you have enough gas to get you to wherever you’re going (even if you get lost).

Gangs in Atlanta

Northeast of the city center is Kirkwood, the area where you’re more likely to see gang activity. The city is divided into parcels, or zones, that gang members see as their turf. Zones three and four in particular should be avoided.

Improving Areas

It’s also important to note that many parts of Atlanta are being rejuvenated, and while they may have a reputation for danger, that reputation may be undeserved. For example, College Park had a very bad reputation for a long time, but has gradually become respectable and safe. Most people agree that if you stick to the nicer areas closer to the heart of downtown, you won’t encounter any problems.

Public Transportation in Atlanta

Atlanta’s public transportation system, known as MARTA, tends to attract the wrong crowds late at night. Both the stations themselves and the trains have had incidents of violence. While you are unlikely to be directly involved in an incident, it’s possible to be hurt in a scuffle between two feuding people or groups. You don’t need to avoid public transportation, but use caution and travel in groups of two ore more at night.

Traffic in Atlanta

Atlanta is a disjointed city connected by a few different highways, and the traffic can get pretty congested. Out-of-towners have the hardest time getting around in the city.

Parking Issues 

Make sure you are following the rules when parking your rental car in Atlanta. The city has been known to boot cars that break the rules.

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