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San Francisco – What to Pack – Clothing and Supplies Tips

San Francisco What to Pack

With a large variety of attractions, San Francisco is a fun getaway for people of all ages. Use our packing list to be sure that you’re prepared for just about anything.


The weather in San Francisco is finicky, so it’s smart to bring lots of layers. Surprisingly, there can be a 20 degree difference in temperatures between different parts of the city, so carry a sweatshirt or light jacket wherever you go. Even in the summers, you’re unlikely to get so hot that you’ll need shorts, so just pack jeans or trousers made from light fabrics. In general, San Francisco can be a casual city, but if you plan to go to the theater or any of its high-end restaurants, you’ll want some nicer clothing in your bag. Don’t forget to bring shoes that are comfortable for walking because you’ll probably be doing a lot of it.

Cameras and Equipment

From fog rolling in on the famous Golden Gate Bridge to sunsets on the ocean, San Francisco offers plenty of opportunities to capture beautiful photographs. If you’ve had your eye on a fancy new lens or other piece of high-end equipment, now’s the time to buy it. Keep everything packed in a quality camera bag that you can comfortably strap to your body.


As you plan your luggage, think about how you plan to make your way to your hotel. If you’ll be taking a taxi or rental car, it won’t really matter how large your bag is. Both of the airports in the San Francisco area are connected to the public transportation system. If you plan to take the BART to your hotel, you’ll want a smaller piece of luggage that you can easily carry or roll onto the trains and escalators.


If you’ll be using public transportation to see the sights, you may want to have small bills and change on hand to pay the fare on the bus or subway. Day passes are available and allow you to travel throughout the city for a single price.

Editor’s Note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews on what to pack for a trip to San Francisco.

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