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Seattle – What to Pack – Clothing and Supplies Tips

Seattle What to Pack

If this is your first time to the Pacific Northwest city of Seattle, you need to know what to pack. Here are a few tips and suggestions before you head out.

Rain Gear

It doesn’t snow as much as you would think in this northern city. However, what it doesn’t receive in snow, it does receive in rain. Seattle sees more rain than most other cities in the United States. Due to this, you’ll be better off to bring some rain gear. Pack a light, water resistant jacket and an umbrella. If you’re traveling in the late fall or winter months, make sure the coat you’re traveling with will be warm enough and keep the water out. Not all snow coats repel heavy amounts of rain and the last thing you want is a soaked coat.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

You’ll be doing a considerable amount of walking while in Seattle. The entire city is more or less designed for walking or riding a bicycle. Make sure to bring extra socks as well. If it does rain, you’ll want the extra socks just in case.

Wet Shoes

If your shoes do get wet, there are a few ways to dry them overnight. The hairdryer in your hotel room can help dry the surface of the shoes, but it won’t get all the water, so grab a newspaper and stuff your shoes with it overnight. This will draw out the water still inside of the shoes.


There is plenty of hiking around Seattle. If you’re traveling with a large backpack that’s great, but for smaller hikes, consider bringing a daypack. You can roll many of these packs up into your luggage so you have an extra bag whenever necessary.


The temperature isn’t terribly hot in Seattle, even in the summer months. However, the sun is stronger on the West Coast than in other areas of the country, so you’ll burn more easily, so make sure to bring sunblock with you.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about what to pack when visiting Seattle.

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