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Denver – What to Pack – Clothing and Supplies Tips

Denver Clothing and Supplies Packing Tips

Denver is an great city to visit year-round if you enjoy the great outdoors, but if you’re not adequately prepared, you may not enjoy your trip as much as you should. These clothing items and supplies will ensure you’re prepared for Denver’s weather.

Toiletries and Other Supplies

Bring water bottles and aspirin, or buy them when you land. The elevation in Denver is higher than most people are used to and this could cause headaches. If you’re planning to go hiking the aspirin could come in handy for the Rocky Mountain high, as many people experience headaches while adjusting to the elevation. Lotion and lip balm are important to help combat the dry weather, especially in the winter. Sunscreen is another handy item even though you won’t necessarily be beach lounging.


You need to be prepared for all types of weather when visiting Denver to deal with extremely cold weather, as well as moderate and hot temperatures. The average temperature is around 40 degrees and Denver has over 300 sunny days in the year, however, the temperature changes rapidly as the sun sets. It could be a very hot 90-degree day while the sun is up, then drop to around 50 degrees at night. Bring many layers of clothing to prepare for the changing weather. Sunglasses are also important, as the glare from the sun can be quite strong at times, especially in snow.

Camping and Outdoor Gear

Bring a warm sleeping bag and tent if you’re planning on camping in Denver. The weather changes rapidly, so you want to be prepared for anything. It does occasionally rain in Denver, although it usually doesn’t last very long. Whether you’re going hiking or camping, a durable backpack is a must, so you can easily carry supplies, such as water, sunscreen, aspirin, and sunglasses. If you see wild animals, remember to keep your distance. Many people have been injured because they approached animals, but if you leave them alone they’re very likely leave you alone.

While you’re eating outside, don’t leave food laying around after you’re done. This is especially important to remember if you’re in a park, as you’ll receive a ticket for doing this. Before you bring your dog to a park, check to see if pets are allowed. Many parks don’t allow dogs because they could be a bother to the wildlife, and in some cases, the wildlife may even attack your dog thinking that it’s a coyote.

Bonus Packing Tips

If you need to buy supplies that you forgot to bring, it’s often better to travel to an area away from the downtown district to purchase them. Many downtown merchants raise prices because travelers might pay them. However, the prices are significantly lower when you venture away from built-up areas. Plus, the short trip lets you see areas of the city that you might not otherwise.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about clothing and supplies tips for Denver.

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