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Daily Daydream: The Kremlin’s Golden Domes

Nothing says Russia like the golden domes of the Kremlin. Originally built as a fortress, the massive complex is now partially open to the public (for a price). Inside the gates, you can tour a number of different cathedrals. Start in Cathedral Square, with the Cathedrals of the Archangel Michael, of the Annunciation, and of the Assumption.

Many historical treasures are on display within the Kremlin, the best of which are within the Armory. Originally a storehouse for weapons, it now holds Faberge Eggs, royal carriages, and thrones. Next door, there’s even more glitz at the Diamond Fund, which houses the crown jewels.

Where is it? In the heart of Moscow, Russia. Fly to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport (check prices).

Where to Stay? At the Lotte Hotel, an opulent five-star hotel nearby.

What Else Should I Know? Tickets are sold for individual sections and exhibits of the Kremlin, as well as one combination ticket.

Who’s it For? Architectural fans or spies.

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