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SmarterTravel Editors’ Choice Awards 2010

Planning a summer trip? Not sure which travel provider to choose? We’ve got you covered! At SmarterTravel, we live and breathe travel all day, every day, and this month we’re unveiling our picks for the best of the best in 17 unique travel categories.

From Most Customer-Friendly Airline to Best Travel Rewards Card, our team of travel experts will steer you toward the best—and far away from the worst. So before you book your next vacation, look to our Editors’ Choice Awards to find out which travel providers rate the highest in each category.

The Awards

About SmarterTravel

SmarterTravel is the largest online travel resource for unbiased travel news, deals, and timely expert advice. We have been providing award-winning consumer journalism content since 1998, and have received top recognition from the North American Travel Journalists Association, Travel + Leisure magazine, PC Magazine, and dozens of others. Our expert editors spend hundreds of hours each week researching the latest and best travel deals, compiling travel guides for destinations worldwide, and offering money-saving tips for travelers.

The SmarterTravel Editors’ Choice Awards highlight the best values in travel, giving travelers a one-stop resource for expert picks to assist in vacation planning. Complementary to SmarterTravel’s Readers’ Choice Awards, which is published each fall, the Editors’ Choice Awards deliver expert judgments on the current top providers in the travel industry, determined by a team of editors who collectively have more than 100 years of industry experience.

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