Who Says Airline Fees Are for the Dogs?

With all the media buzz around upstart Pet Airways and Southwest’s recent announcement to allow animals onboard, it’s clear there’s a strong market for “pet-setting.” However, flying your furry friends can still be pricey—sometimes more than it costs for you to go—especially as other airlines raise fees. Not the case with Jetblue, at least for a little while. The already fur-friendly airline has gone the opposite direction by teaming up with Petco to reduce its in-cabin pet fee (JetBlue doesn’t fly animals in cargo) for the month of September.

Here are the details: Save 50 percent on JetBlue’s pet fee (so, pay only $50 each way instead of $100) when traveling between September 1 and 30. You must book by August 31 by calling 800-JETBLUE (538-2583) and using promotion code “LETSGO.” The normal telephone booking fee of $15 will be waived.

This could be an excellent window of opportunity for owners of cats and small dogs, considering that other airlines normally charge up to $125 each way for pets to travel in the cabin, and flights on PetAirways start at $149 (not to mention that destinations are limited and humans can’t tag along).

After many years of experience with an anxiety-ridden feline who induces vomit the second the car engine starts, I’m not suggesting that pets need to travel more. However, if your best pal must to get from point A to point B, I think taking advantage of JetBlue’s offer could be a great option to save cash.

Will you take advantage of this offer? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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