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Great travel resolutions for 2008

We all have our resolutions for the New Year, but Arthur Frommer has gone one step further and made a list of 10 travel resolutions for 2008.

Posted on his blog, the resolutions’ highlights include:

  • Only taking carry-ons, never checking a bag
  • Using public transportation to and from an airport
  • Exclusively flying nonstop (with a few exceptions)
  • Not booking “an uncomfortable boutique hotel designed by a famous fashionista”

Frommer’s list got me thinking of my own travel goals for this year: avoiding airports prone to high delays and cancellations, choosing public transportation over other options, and booking with sustainable companies whenever possible. Unlike most resolutions, these are three I plan to keep.

What are some of your travel resolutions for the new year? We want to hear them! Send your thoughts to

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