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10 Cultural Capitals Set to Shine in 2013

Cultural Capitals 2013
(Photo: Red Lanterns in Beijing, China via testing/

Look carefully and you’ll see new pins popping up on the map, heralding new capitals around the globe. But these capitals don’t rule countries; instead, they celebrate culture, food, music, sport, and more. Chosen for the honor by governments and organizations such as UNESCO, these cities can now shine—and travelers can get even more from a visit.

From the UK’s first-ever City of Culture, located in Northern Ireland, to the newest City of Gastronomy in South Korea, these urban centers are taking a bow on the world stage. Join the party—yearlong festivities mark the occasion and make this a great year to discover Bogota, Marseille, Naples, Kosice, Jeonju, and the other 2013 world capitals of culture.

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