Why We Don't Sell Airfare Tickets

Buying travel can be frustrating.

Planning a trip can take days of searching the web, calling up travel agents, and scouring magazines and newspapers. And even with that investment of time, you still might not have found the best deal. was started to give consumers one place to get independent, objective advice on how to make the best travel decisions. We've built a team of seasoned journalists with a passion for travel who spend all day (and much of the night) looking for deals, talking to industry insiders, and searching the reservation databases to give you up-to-the-minute information on the best deals and insights out there.

We don't sell travel because we fear it would hurt our ability to give you objective advice if we competed with the airlines, car rental companies, hotel chains, cruise lines, vacation operators, and travel agencies that we cover. We do accept advertising from these companies, so like a traditional newspaper or magazine, we've created a separation between business and editorial. You can be confident when you visit you are reading about the best deals out there, regardless of whether the company offering the deal advertises with us.

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