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Vermont is a four-season destination. Fall is famous for colorful foliage from mid-September through mid-October, and winter brings ski season from late December through March. Spring weather can be unpredictable with the potential for late season snowstorms, a lot of rain, or even sunny skies. Summer has warm weather and is a popular time to visit, especially for families. read more

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  • A Car-Free Ski Weekend in Vermont? It can be done (At Stratton) Stratton is not only paradise for skiers and snowboarders, but for walkers as well. There's an entire village built around the base of the mountain, so you can ditch your car for the length of your vacation and walk everywhere you need to (including to the lifts).
  • Where to Score New England's Best Cider Donuts Donut lovers know that when it comes to finding good cider donuts in New England, it's hard to go wrong. Here's where you can be sure you're getting the best ones when your craving starts to take over.
  • How to Spend a Weekend in Stowe, Vermont Here's how to get the most out of a weekend getaway in this scenic mountain town.
  • 10 Best Outdoor Towns in America
    Not all towns are created equal, especially if you're looking to get outdoors. Whether you're into activities involving mountains, rivers, canyons, or oceans, these towns across the U.S. are 10 of the best spots to hit the trail (or stream, or road, or waves) in the winter, spring, summer, and fall.
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