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Deciding when to visit Peru can be difficult because the country covers three major geographic and climatic zones. It is split north to south by the Andes Mountains and is covered by the Amazon Jungle in the east. The country generally experiences two seasons: a wet season from November through March and a dry season from April through October. Most leisure travelers come to Peru from June through September during the dry season, which is the best time for hiking the Inca Trail (a four-day hike that only allows 500 people a day) and Machu Picchu because the sky is clear. The dry season is also the best time to visit the jungle. For visits to the coast, however, the best time is November through March when the weather is hot and perfect for the beach. The country sees peaks in demand during the Christmas and Easter holidays. The city of Cuzco attracts many visitors for the week-long festivities of Inti Raymi in June. read more

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