When to visit Anguilla

Anguilla is warm and dry year-round and has two distinct tourist seasons. The winter season, from December 15 through April 15, sees the most visitors, usually Canadian travelers looking to escape cold winter weather. The summer season, which occurs the rest of the year, is quieter, but has the best prices.

  • high season: mid-December to mid-April
  • low season: mid-April to mid-December

Weather Information

Anguilla is a dry island with average temperatures of 80 degrees. Prevailing trade winds continually keep humidity low on the island, even during the summer.

Crowd Information

Crowding is not an issue for Anguilla. Although the island heats up at night, it remains quiet and tranquil most of the time. Nevertheless, Anguilla sees more visitors during the winter and fewer during the summer off-season. Several major annual events also cause tourism peaks, such as the regattas in August and the Tranquility Jazz Festival in November.

Closure Information

Most hotels, shops, and other venues remain open year-round; however, some hotel properties close September through October.

Other Information

There tend to be more direct flights during the high season; however, many charter companies stop their service from April until mid-December. Flights with a connection are available year-round from American Airlines and US Airways.

When to Save

The best prices, usually in the form of special rates and packages, are typically offered during the summer season.

When to Book

Although reduced airfare is available at the last minute, it's best to book several weeks in advance to ensure availability. In general, it's best to book hotels as far in advance as possible, even in the low season, because the island is small and there aren't many hotels. Hotels can get booked up to a year in advance during high season. Although it's possible to find an available room at the last minute, it might be difficult finding one in the right price range as rates can vary from $75 per night to $50,000 per week.

Information provided by the Anguilla Tourist Board.

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