About Aruba

by SmarterTravel Staff
Photo: Aruba Tourism Authority

Like other Caribbean destinations, the island nation of Aruba is ringed by white sand beaches and aquamarine water. However, the tiny Dutch protectorate has much to differentiate itself from other tropical islands. Most notably, it's one of the few Caribbean destinations to be out of the path of most hurricanes, which means Aruba vacations are almost never affected by severe weather. And unlike many other Caribbean destinations, Aruba has very low humidity—the ever-present trade winds keep the semi-arid island breezy and dry. One of the most popular things to do in Aruba is to enjoy the sand and surf at area beaches, which are all public.

Arubans claim ancestry from multiple continents, and the international flair is apparent in the blend of European, Latin, and Caribbean influences that make up the culture. Though Dutch and the native Papiamento are the official languages, English and Spanish are also widely spoken. This cultural fusion can be tasted as well, with restaurants around the island attesting to the strong emphasis on international cuisine.


Flights to Aruba touch down at Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix (also known as Aruba International Airport).

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