About Yellowstone National Park

by SmarterTravel Staff
With Yellowstone receiving nearly three million visitors per year, the National Park Service runs dozens of interpretative programs out of different bases to keep up with visitor interest in the park's extraordinary geothermal areas and wildlife. In the summer months, rangers lead seven different half-day educational hikes around the park that visit lesser-known geothermal and wilderness areas. Hikes cost only $15 per adult and $5 for kids seven to 15.

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Yellowstone National Park is the ultimate family vacation and wildlife destination, which may explain why millions of people visit each year. Despite these numbers, it's still easy to plan a Yellowstone trip and find your own slice of the world's first national park. Although Old Faithful is the most well-known attraction, there are more than 300 geysers throughout the area. Yellowstone attractions also include native wildlife such as grizzly bears, coyotes, and bobcats; an active volcano; and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, a twenty-mile long gorge that offers majestic views.

Because of Yellowstone's size, it is served by more than one airport, including Montana Regional Airport, five miles away from the West Entrance (summer only); Jackson Hole Airport, 49 miles away from the South Entrance; and Yellowstone Regional Airport in Cody, Wyoming, 54 miles away from the East Entrance.

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