About Houston

by SmarterTravel Staff
Houston cityscape (Photo: Index Open)

Houston is a popular business travel destination for the oil and gasoline industry, but that's only half the story. Locals value independence and individuality, and these traits (combined with a lack of zoning laws) have created an imaginative and innovative arts culture. The spirit of originality and exploration has given the city many firsts, like the world's first dome stadium. So head deep into the heart of Texas for a vacation from the ordinary.

Art appears in unexpected ways in the city of Houston. A postal worker built the Orange Show Monument, an ode to his favorite fruit, over more than two decades with discarded items like wagon wheels and mannequins. The Beer Can House was created on a whim by a retired upholsterer, and covered in more than 50,000 flattened beer cans shaped into mobiles, fences, windmills, and chimes. Even the city's architecture is tongue in cheek, with the towers in the Medical Center resembling syringes and a skyscraper with a Mayan pyramid on top.


The former Republic of Texas' capital city still has a pioneering character. Houstonians, after all, built the world's first dome stadium, the Astrodome, and today, five professional sports teams and the world's largest rodeo continue to entertain locals. Houston visitors can also tour the famous Space Center Houston's Historic Mission Control Center.

The Houston Airport System is made up of three airports—George Bush Intercontinental, William P. Hobby, and Ellington Airport—so finding flights to Houston should be an easy task from most cities.

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