About Hong Kong

by SmarterTravel Staff
Hong Kong (Photo: Hong Kong Tourism Board)

It's easy to describe Hong Kong as simply a bustling metropolis, especially since the population numbers more than seven million people. But the outlying islands and surrounding rural areas provide peace and serenity.

Hong Kong travel should be fairly easy for English-speaking tourists. Major signage is posted in English and most residents speak the language, as well as Cantonese. And since the city is so compact, all the things to do in Hong Kong are close to one another.


The opportunity to experience Cantonese cuisine should not be missed. Choices for eating range from upscale restaurants to basic food stalls, and the chance to try specialties like salted fish and snake is unforgettable. Drinking tea is a time-honored tradition in Hong Kong. For turn-of-the-century hospitality, try the most famous teahouse in Hong Kong, Luk Yu Teahouse.

Shopping is a favorite pastime for tourists as well as locals, and high-end designer clothes can be found in the Central district. And, since many labels have production companies in town, factory outlet stores give even the most budget-minded travelers the opportunity to purchase a few souvenirs.

If the noisy streets and busy markets become too much, serenity is easy to find. Head up to The Peak for a bird's-eye view of the city skyline, then pay a visit to the tallest outdoor seated Buddha on the Ngong Ping plateau. There are more than 600 Chinese temples, too, where you can pause to reflect.

With air service from providers like Cathay Pacific, Northwest, and Singapore Airlines, finding flights to Hong Kong should be a breeze.

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