Napa Valley hotels

by , SmarterTravel Staff

Most people staying in Napa are looking for some variation on the romantic, elegant, or unique theme. Accommodations oblige, and those willing to pay will find resorts and hotels that offer beautiful surroundings, exceptional amenities, and superior service. Travelers on a budget aren't out of luck either, as there are a number of motels and chain hotels where the service and the prices are more down-to-earth. Don't expect to find a super-bargain at any level though, as hotels in this patch of upscale countryside charge city rates.

Searching for accommodations online is fairly easy: has lodging options divided by type, and has a sizable list of B&Bs in the area. Consolidator sites such as Expedia,, Orbitz, and Travelocity group the cities and towns (and sometimes other parts of wine country) into the "Napa Valley" search term, which makes searching and comparing easier.


Independent travelers, groups, and those looking for a local experience may want to consider vacation rentals. Vacation rentals can be booked for weekends as well as longer periods, and can often accommodate more people than the average hotel room. Rental options range from cottages to villas, and are situated in appealing locales such as vineyards, town centers, and hills overlooking the valley. A good place to start a rental search is on the vacation cottages and guest houses page.

Though many people prefer to stay in the Napa Valley, it's worth noting that the drive between San Francisco and Napa is only about an hour (though returning over the Golden Gate Bridge during commute hours will add time to the drive), and a wine country jaunt can be an easy day trip.

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