About Rome

by SmarterTravel Staff
Rome Colosseum at Dusk (Photo: iStockPhoto/David Iliff)

The history of Rome, Italy, is a long one, from its founding by Romulus and Remus to its reign as the center of an empire to its current status as the country's capital and a major tourist destination. But to truly enjoy the city, it's best to do as the Romans do: Relax and enjoy the warm weather, appetizing cuisine, and beautiful sights.

It's easy to imagine the glory of the gladiators in the Colosseum, and the former majesty of the adjacent ruins of ancient Rome, including the two arches built in honor of victorious rulers. The ancient Romans left their mark on the city, with sights like Circus Maximus, Trajan's Column, and the Pantheon.


Vatican City is another popular destination, and the rooms of its museum would take several years to explore. Items like Nero's bathtub and Raphael's paintings are only a small portion of the collection. You can also see the Sistine Chapel and St. Paul's Basilica, and the Swiss Guard in their regalia designed by Michelangelo.

Eat al fresco at any of the numerous restaurants. Whether your taste is for pizza, pasta, or seafood, there is guaranteed to be a dish for you. After dinner, take a walk through the narrow, winding streets, and you might just happen upon some of the most impressive sights in the city quite by accident. The Trevi Fountain is a favorite among tourists and locals, and is a place to relax—with gelato in hand—after a long day of sightseeing.

As a major tourist destination, finding flights to Rome should be easy.

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